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Brockhouse Trailer Cover


When the Brockhouse trailer was made, there was not as far as I know a cover ever made for the trailer, it does however lend itself to this.

This is our version of the cover, it is a high quality cover with leather where the buckles come through the cover, also there is leather at the back 2 corners where the cover come over the corners, you can also see in one of the picture we supply footman loops to fix the cover to the sides of the trailer, as there is no way of keeping the cover from shrinking. So we feel this a way of doing that is in keeping with Rovers methods back in the 50s.


Colour guide:

  • Classic khaki, developed to match 1950’s canvas used by Land-Rover, developed using the eyes of respected restorers, the Houben’s, Dunsfold Land-Rovers and the Reborn Programme. This is our benchmark.
  • Khaki, darker in colour greener, developed from ex military stock,
  • Sand, lighter in colour, giving a greater contrast from body colour,
  • Blue, used a lot in Europe, and also on vehicles with grey bodies to get the ultimate in contrasts.

Brockhouse Trailer Cover

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