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Vintage LR Co’s history can be traced back though the Series 1 world to the 1950’s, through Tom Pickford’s grandfather, who bought his 1st Series 1 in the early 50s - a 1950/51 light through the grill 80” model, registration number LYM 69.

He decided by 1958 to buy a new Series 2, 88” Diesel, bought in Oxford through City Motors and registered 502 EFC. If you look in the picture gallery you will find this Land Rover.

Guy, Tom’s dad, went looking for a 1948 Land Rover in 1976, HAC 943 (again if you look in the gallery you can read about this Land Rover). Guy went on to run a service and repair business for Land Rovers. He is still very much an enthusiast.


Tom was born in 1976 and has been involved with Series 1 Land Rovers from the late 80’s, having learnt to drive on his Grandfather’s farm in an 80” called Pollyanna. If you go to the gallery you can read about this Land Rover.


Tom started to work for himself in 2004, and formed Vintage LR Co in May, 2017. He started restoring Land Rovers in the mid 1990s, and has restored many early Land Rovers, from pre- productions to post 1954 model Land Rovers.

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