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Land Rover: S1 Lights behind grill

SOLD Land Rover: Series 1 80", 1950 - lights behind the grill

Here we have a charming 1950, lights behind the grill, model Land Rover.

Made on 6th October, 1949, and dispatched to the Army, date into Service: 10 October 1949 under Receipt Voucher-FTM/R/3167 [21st B Vehicle Depot Feltham in Middlesex]

Its Army registration number was 06 BC 49

It served until 1962 when Struck Off Census: WD Storage & Disposal Depot Ruddington in Nottinghamshire sold on 16 January 1963.

Registered in Staffordshire XBF581 in the summer of 1963, it still carries this registration number today, which is a nice feature.

This Land Rover stayed around Staffordshire until the early 1990s when by this time it found it way to a local Land Rover collector. He then sold it to Mr Mervyn Prowse, who bought it as a project in March 1992, and set about a restoration, which is well documented over the next 10 years.

There are lot of receipts for this on file, including the gearbox rebuild and a new wiring loom.

When the project was bought it came with a reconditioned 2 litre spread, this has had a service and is in very good order.

Due to a personal tragedy the restoration progress stopped around 2002, and it sat in a garage.

Fast forward to 2017 when the project was pasted to Mr Prowse's niece. She and her husband set about finishing the project. Which they did in time for Mr Prowse to ride in before he passed away around 2018.

Another 6 years passed where the Land Rover was stored and not used much, covering 10 miles in total up until 2024!

We were then asked to find a new owner, and we picked it up and set about a recommission and making it a reliable vehicle. This included fitting a new clutch, as the one in was contaminated by oil.

Brakes have been checked and all oil levels checked, engine serviced. MOT passed, although it doesn’t need it, it's good to have.

This Land Rover is on its original fish plate chassis, which is in very good condition, its only had welding to one cross member.

The bulkhead is in very good condition and there are pictures of it stripped out on file.

Fitted with the export flap on the windscreen, this is a nice feature in warm weather, and was standard on military models.

Fitted with its original axles, with long nose diffs, free wheeling gearbox, and late 2 litre engine, with original 9/49 dated radiator.

Correct flat top hoop sticks and boot lase canvas.

Stainless steel exhaust system.

This is very usable early 80” ready to drive away.


Land Rover: Series 1  80", 1950 for Sale

Land Rover: Series 1 80", 1950 for Sale


This ex Australian 1950 80" model Land Rover has heaps of character.

A running 2 litre engine but otherwise original.

UK registered, much recommissioning work recently undertaken.

Good usable Land Rover, supplied with 12 month MOT

For more information, please contact Tom via:


Call 01869 208261 or WhatsApp 07974691822

Land Rover: 80", 1951

SOLD Land Rover: Series 1 80", 1951

A Beautifully restored Land Rover Series 1, 80".

A fully reconditioned 1951 Land Rover, made in Solihull, England.

It was exported to Sydney, Australia. Where it worked until falling into disrepair. It was repatriated to the UK in the last 10 years, where it was rebuilt by a fanatical private classic car enthusiast.

Taking advice from people in the trade, who knew these early Land Rovers, the owner was able to achieve a fantastic standard. The original chassis was repaired, galvanized, and painted in the correct shade of deep bronze green. The original bulkhead was also repaired and painted at the same time.

All by Tom Pickford and his team at Vintage LR Co.

A new complete Body kit was bought from CKD body shop. And the engine was built by Tom Pickford to the same standards that were guided by the Reborn program.

Finished with the first owners name and location (Hall near Canberra, Act) and tare weight, this

80” Land Rover stands out from the crowd. Having completed 250 odd miles, this is a freshly restored car ready to use and enjoy.

Comes with a comprehensive folder of receipts and history, photos and LRO magazine article.

Buy with confidence. This vehicle is ready to use, and with the 75th anniversary coming up this year there will be many events to enjoy.

To see this Land Rover in motion take a look at it's video here.


S1 1952 Project

SOLD Land Rover: Series 1 80", 1952 project


This 1952 Model was registered MLM879 in London on 4th June 1952.

A largely complete 80" project, Chassis number 26105276

Fitted still with original 2 litre engine, engine number: 26109497 which is in the old style continuation log book and on a current V5 registration documentation.

This Land Rover last changed hands in March 1976 when the last MOT expired. The milage on that MOT was 55,505miles. It hasn’t been on the road since.

It was taken apart and left, as life got in the way! The storage had been lost and so it is now for sale, but back together to show the look of the car.

The original 2 litre engine does run, but will need some attention to the water jacket. Assistance can be offered with this.

Not currently fitted with a gearbox, it does have the correct spec gearbox with it.

The original chassis is in good condition, it does need some repair, but will repair well, and is worth saving.

The same can be said for the bulkhead. It has some holes, where they start to rust, these will repair.

Steering box removed, but is in the back, along with the steering box, and steering wheel.