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Land Rover Series 1 Engine Work

We undertake all sorts of work on Series 1’s, from getting an old vehicle running or getting an old engine running to assess the condition.

Depending on what the customer wants, we can rebuild your engine from an unrestored unit, back to full a working reconditioned unit.

We have trusted professionals that will machine your engine back to the tolerances that are specific to the factory specification.

Vintage LR Co has worked on many Series 1 Land Rovers, and we like to treat them all with the same amount of care.

It was a great honour to be asked to rebuild a correct spec 1600cc side plate engine for GWD 431, the oldest Land Rover that is privately owned in the world.

As we are the only supplier of the Omega high compression pistons for the 1600cc engines, we were confident to be able to bring not only the engine alive again, but to build it to a spec that will enhance the engine to better than when it went to the Amsterdam motor show in late April 1948 and launched the new Rover product to the world.

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