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Introducing The Vintage Power Reborn Service replacement engine.


The engine has had the following done.


Chemically cleaned, to remove all traces of its previous life. All oil feed pipes have been removed, for cleaning. 


The block is bored to the specific needs, to original tolerances.


If the block needs lining, this will have be done, and the top of the liner shaped as per original.


The crankshaft has been gas treated. This helps to preserve the bearing surface, and keep the longevity of the bearings. The crankshaft has been machined and new bearings fitted.


A reconditioned oil pump fitted. All valves replaced, reconditioned cam followers, new camshaft.


The Engine Builder has worked on the largest restoration program "reborn", for more details contact us

Fully running reconditioned 1600cc engine - POA

SKU: 245581
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