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Spade Back Seats


Full Set of 80" Spade Back Seats - To Suite 1948-1950 Models

Vehicles Numbered:  860151 to 06110304   

  • Suites 1948-1950 Models (Quote Chassis Number on ordering to ensure correct item is supplied)
  • Hand Made in the UK
  • Comes with Seat Base Locators Comes in colours Green (pictured above), Blue, Elephant Hide and Red
  • Made with High Quality Materials with Original oak frame and hessian bottom
  • A set is 3 backs and 3 bases.
  • Part number: 301111


Current Stock availability:

  • 2 x sets in Green.

(last updated May 2022)

Seat 80" Set 1948-1950 Complete

SKU: 301111
Excluding VAT

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