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Series 1 SWB 86" with Dip Switch/horn in steering column. 2 Litre Petrol Engine


  • Chassis number: 47100001 - onwards
  • Suitable for 2 Litre Petrol Engine
  • Includes head light loom
  • RHD and LHD
  • Part number: VLR86
  • Like for like replicas of the original.
  • Braided Cables with a Braided Outer Covering
  • Comes with indicator wires to each corner, to be used or disgarded if not needed 
  • All our wiring harnesses are handmade in the UK, to ensure Classic British Quality which is admired around the world.
  • We do not supply fitting instructions for our harnesses.

VLR86 1953-1955, Series 1 SWB 86", Wiring Harness, Wiring Harness Set

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