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Omega standard Land Rover Series 1,80" 1600cc Pistons


Size available are:

  • 70.0mm (0.20 in old money)
  • 70.25mm (0.30 in old money)
  • 70.5mm (0.40 in old money)
  • 71.0mm (0.60 in old money)

Please select required size from dropdown. 


These are made in metric and come with the size to bore your block etched in the side of the piston.

It's advisable to measure your block before ordering your pistons.

It is also advisable to have your pistons in your possession before boring your block.


These modern new pistons offer a higher performance for the following reasons:


Fitted with a modern NPR rings (Japanese manufactured)

Modern style ring pack

Steel rings (greater longevity compared to cast iron rings)



The production of piston forgings is more complex than the casting process and 80% of our pistons are produced in this way.

The material used for the piston is a high silicon alloy which means the expansion rate is similar to that of a die-cast piston but is able to handle a lot more pressure.

The specification of these alloys must remain confidential at the moment.


The forging process requires material to be bought in at closely controlled diameters; this is then cut to billet size and all cut faces machined to a smooth finish. The billet is pre-heated in an air-circulating furnace to a temperature quite close to the operating temperature of the piston crown when the engine is operating at full power. This temperature is critical and cannot be disclosed. This together with tightly controlled speed of the forging process gives a dense and very fine grain structure to the forging. Microstructure analysis of our forgings and that of other manufacturers will highlight this difference. This fine grain structure gives our forgings higher strength and fatigue life. After forging, any excess material is removed and the forgings are then heat-treated followed by wet blast cleaning.


Personal experience.

Having built many engines over the years, I have found it harder and harder to get good quality pistons, I have now a few engines running and driving, and the use of oil and the power is quite noticeable. Now there is a piston that is readily available and something that can be relied upon


Pistons are forged and machined in the UK


Here is link to some recent work

Omega standard Land Rover Series 1,80" 1600cc Pistons

Excluding VAT

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